1. All We Got Is Us

    Yesterday there was some kind of free Techno, lets call it festival if you wish, here in Vienna. Sadly as you can see here i was wearing the wrong shoes to the event meaning I decided to head home a little earlier. 

    Basically this is a path leading along the whole Danube within the city, and at night it makes a beautiful stroll! I had ridden along it often on my BMX, but this was the first time walking it, and surprise surprise, it took fucking ages! But hey, better than sitting at home waiting to fall asleep.

    And as always, a quick recap of what I was wearing- up top a blank cap, then a Patta T-Shirt, as a few of you will recognize, below that some Kith Mercer Pants, and last but definitely not least, I unleashed the Atmos Beast’s!! Haven’t worn these in ages for a few reasons if I am to be honest, for more than 1 reason. Firstly I am so scared that all the fur will just fall off, which would practically render the pair useless, and then as dumb as it sounds- What if i ever want to sell these? They’re worth has gone up drastically since when i bought them and yea- Cash rules everything around me! But im not sure if I can ever let go, let’s see how long the Air Bubble lasts!


  2. Nike HTM Flyknit Lunarracer Multicolour “3rd Series”

    At around 200 Pairs Worldwide (as far as I know) these are quite a rare sight and happier than a baby getting its ass powdered to own a pair! 

    it was one of the first shoes i actually went far from home to get, to be a little more precise, a 9 hour drive down to Milano from my home of Vienna. It was an extremely spontaneous undergoing, coupled with the lucky placement of my day off from work. We left straight after work and came back 2 days later at 9am an hour before my work started again! It was a wild trip including a car crash and some pretty uncomfortable situations with resellers. But! I got a pair so I’m content! 

    I took this picture while out at my Grandmother’s last year, my ankles where so fucking cold, but I prefer these with a good pinroll…


  3. Solebox Berlin x New Balance 1500

    - Nazar Eye

    Heres another shot from the lunch break with my mate who’s photographer for the company I work for! 


  4. Footpatrol London x Asics Gel Saga

    Went to see my sister and her team play a basketball game today, sadly her team played as if overwhelmed with the situation, however they did score a couple of good shots.

    I decided to get out one of my favourite Asics to date, the Footpatrol London x Asics Gel Saga, a pice of art created by the combination of perforated suede and the duo of the striking blue and the chrome like 3M. There are a few details which just make the shoe that much better, such as Footpatrol’s trademark gasmask on the heel of the right shoe, the stripes which are switched to 3M over blue on the inside and the fact that Footpatrol is stamped into the rear of the left shoe. All in all a perfect runner.


  5. Solebox Berlin x New Balance 1500 
    - Nazar Eye 

    This shoe is not only among mine but among many a top NB list, and for well stated reasons. Firstly, you will have a hard time finding an NB1500 with such a high quality of materials, Secondly, your going to have a real hard timing finding any shoes matching the shape on these, and thirdly, how could you make these any more perfect? 
    The turquoise detailing is just perfect and if you are lucky enough to have your actual Nazar Eye to go along with it (I am fortunate enough) then you have a perfect weapon for any sneaker frenzy! 

    To be honest i don’t really know what to say about these, just that it is one of those shoes i will never be able to let go!

    One of New Balance’s finest by far! 


  6. Solebox Berlin x New Balance 1500

    - Toothpaste

    Need I say more? Ridiculous how good these are, I’m so glad i own both colourways of these!  

    Thanks again to my lunchbreak buddy from cologne for the spectacular shot!



    We all must work if we wish to survive on a comfortable level, I myself work for a Streetwear store line called “Snipes”, hailing from Cologne, Germany. Its not exactly a place where i fit in clothing wise, seeing as i prefer the finer sides of the clothing continuum, but its the best paying thing close to it…

    This particular day Snipes opened a new Flagship store in my mother-city of Vienna here in Austria, and thus a friend of mine who works for the marketing firm of Snipes had to take it upon himself to come over and click away at his Camera to capture the event for Snipes.

    Luckily he had a nice long lunch break in which we went to snap a few pics, this particular one having been taken under one of the bridges Spanning the Danube, where it crosses right through the throbbing heart of Vienna. 

    Seeing as it was a more or less special occasion of you wish I decided to polish it up a little and dress a little snappier. I went with a combination of the AMAZING collaboration shoe between the Berlin sneaker store “Solebox” and New Balance, the so called “Nazar Eye” is a beautiful thing, with premium materials throughout, only made way better by a simple yet incredibly effective colourway which transforms it into the beast that is. In perfect harmony i wore the Supreme x North Face 3m Jacket, which steps up the jacket game in itself. It may not be for everybody, and its a fragile thing but i for my part love it! The only downsides are that the material does not like folding and that the 3m does in some fold spots turn a few shades darker, which truth be told really bloody pisses me off. 

    Anyway, a lunch break many dare dream about, thanks Johannes for teh good times! 


  8. Patta x Asics Gel Lyte III  -
    Well what has not been said about these?! I was in quite some luck when i managed to pick these up, it would have been cheaper too if i had known the only other bidder was a friend from Germany! 
    The pair definitely lives up to the hype in my eyes, the material mix is amazing and the colours just make it come to life, where as the speckled midsole just makes this shoe a seeeexy motherfucker! The black suede makes the lollypop red and the grassy green pop like its no-ones business! 

    As far as Asics go this is one of the best collaborations to date in my eyes, along with the Woei’s (pictures will be posted at some point), and a number of others. If you can get your hands on a pair DO IT! For your own sake. 


  9. Norse Projects x New Balance 670 NTU -

    This is just a classic for me, the amazing toothpaste tone of turquoise on the “N” just pops so nicely off the navy suede, also the slightly different shade of the mesh just makes it an allround great shoe! The thing i still love most about this rocket is that it smells of mouthwash, the real nice spearmint kind! Its the kind of shoe i just get out here and there to look at, except in this case I prefer to make a good inspection with the help of my nose, just hoping the smell will never leave!!! 
    A must have for any NB lover! 


  10. Sophnet x Nike Lunar Chukka Woven
    Damn it took time and patience to find these! One of my all-time favorite Nike Chukkas, ever since I laid eyes on them. I scored various forums for a couple of years, posting my need everywhere as the urge to finally hold these beauties grew week to week. 
    The amazing colours interwoven throughout the shoe in combination with the soft blue suede make this a serious weapon to have in your selection. 
    The wait and the search was totally worth it, my only troubles now are to double up, but that can wait for now, there are still too many nice shoes out in the wild which just want to come live with me! 


  11. After an eternity of crap weather in Vienna, we were lucky enough at last to enjoy a bright and dry Sunday! Even if it was slightly chilly I just had to whip out my new Sale pickup- the Lacoste Live! Bomber Jacket. I just loved the Teal colour and it just had so many amazing small details it was a must cop at minus 50%! Also Keeping me warm was my most precious shirt by Neighborhood Japan. This PlenTough Denim shirt has been worked over in the typical Neighborhood fashion, having undertaken quite a slaughtering and patching up again, also some paint splatters make the package complete. I rounded it off with a nice pair of Momotaro selvedge denim which is also from Japan, with these i love the light pink stiches on the inside of the leg, one of the brands trademark details along with the two white stripes on the right back pocket. 
     Last but not least, i was wearing one of my few shoes which are actually older than me. The Nike Waffle Racer OG from 1991! A friend of mine who was working in Britain for a bit just happend to pass through a vintage store and found these completely unworn (sadly no box though).  


  12. This was for my mothers birthday on the 01.01.2014, she has made it a tradition of hosting a hangover brunch, where she cooks a number of dishes which are nice and heavy so your New Years hangover gets cured. So for once I decided I would try dress a little more sharply than usual (I had heard an old teacher of mine was also coming- another good reason to leave a good impression). The Air Max 1 “Graphite’s” are a real nice pair to have in your closet as the combination of the high quality leather and the beautiful hue of grey used for the Nubuk on the mid-panel make for a very smart pair of versatile piece of attire! I could wear them every day, but it would be a shame to waste these beautiful trainers wouldn’t it now? The Japan Blue denim has been a favorite of mine every since its purchase at Tenue-de-Nimes in Amsterdam. They are nice and heavy raw indigo denim with a great taper, they are my tightest pair of selvedge denim but again its a piece i could always wear. The shirt is a nice ans simple white piece from Cos, and the hat is a Norse Projects sample which i acquired at Slam Jam in Ferrara in Italy 


  13. Intros can be a bitch so I am going to keep this one short. I had the idea to finally start this project when in Paris for the Fashion Week this year (2014), I call it project because i want to make this more like a portfolio of a kind, something i can look back on, documenting travels and clothing. I am no expert at journalism so expect no spectacular passages of text to get lost in. Expect lots of Sneakers as I am a huge enthusiast with a pretty sizable collection to date, sadly for my wallet i have the same afflictions towards clothing. As I write this it seems kind of odd writing into the nothingness but then again I am doing this for me and not to gain a lot of attention. If you do find yourself on here, in my world- Enjoy!